Thursday, September 11, 2008

Who's leaving the BBA house this Sunday?


Ricco sprung a leak when he decided not to exercise his right of veto.

Two hours after her nomination was announced, it suddenly all becomes too much for Tawana. Crumpled on a bed in the girls’ room, with Morris and Hazel offering support, she cried her eyes out. And this is the woman who nominated Lucille for “crying every second day”!

"It's only six days," Morris tried to comfort her. "Morris, I don’t know how you did it," said Tawana between hysterical sobs and wails. "I know you for a strong person," replied Morris. "Did you read the rules? It’s not about us any more. It’s about the world out there. My point is, stay the same."

Morris has been a rock for Tawana in the house, providing brotherly company in bed at night and bolstering her faith. Now he offered an ocean of calm, cradling her to his chest and repeating "stay the same, stay the same."

Meanwhile, TK saunters in and out, looking mighty bizarre in dark glasses and his favourite jersey. Later Uti joined in the little knot of emotional people, wearing his customary night-time monk slash Jedi outfit. He didn't have much to contribute, but he leaned against Tawana in silent companionship. Once in a while, you would see him looking into the camera with a cheeky grin. Was his commiseration for "The Bald One" genuine?

But it's Ricco, joining the party last, and wearing nothing but underwear, who offered the sagest words and lightened the mood simultaneously. "You are the strongest person in this house," he assured Tawana. "You've already been Head of House. Now I'm going through what you went through, and you're going through what Morris went through." Besides, he added, grinning self-deprecatingly, at least she broke down in the relative quiet of the bedroom, whereas he broke down in the Diary Room, "in front of the whole of Africa."

TK, who you would think might have a special place in Tawana's attentions after Saturday night, enters the room again, only to be chased out savagely by Ricco! "Ricco is brave. You guys all have to take your hat off to him," says Tawana, when the new Head of House has said a jolly goodnight to the group. "Going into that room and making a decision and then keeping it until Sunday is scarier than being nominated. For him to be walking around and encouraging and motivating, you have to take your hat off. He is braver than I was last week."

As usual, BB thinks he's God, and is once again playing havoc with the housemates' emotions. This Sunday is another "fake" eviction of sorts. Apparently, 2 "evictees" will be herded away to BB's special garbage dump slash home for one week, after which they will be again evicted, one to head home permanently and the other back in the BBA House. So, if you're on the edge of your seat, I'll forgive you.

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