Sunday, October 26, 2008

Documents show State officials protecting fugitive Kabuga

NAIROBI - Rwandese fugitive Felicien Kabuga resided and transacted business in Kenya between early 1994 and last year under the protection of prominent Kenyan officials.

Documents released in Parliament on Thursday show that the officials rescued him from police custody in 1997. Although the Internal Security ministry says it has lost track of Kabuga, it suggests he could still be in Kenya while new evidence shows the fugitive has lived and transited through Kenya longer than the Government is admitting.

A stunned Parliament stumbled on evidence in the report tabled by Igembe South MP Mithika Linturi that someone tried to assassinate Kabuga who lives or has lived in Kenya under several identities in 1996. The documents detail Kabuga’s dealings with Kenyan and international organisations. They show that Kabuga incorporated companies, operated bank accounts and lived in Kenya beyond 1994. On May 2 he allegedly wrote a letter to the Wabera Street (in Nairobi) branch of Barclays bank making his daughter Bernadette Uwamariya a signatory to his current and fixed deposit accounts.

(Right) Kabuga in happier times at his residence in Karen, Nairobi

Another document shows the bank shut down the accounts 102760018 and 102760026 on August 24, 2006 in a letter signed by bank officials Ms Anne Gicharu and Ms Gladys Akinyi on that day. Contrary to Ojode’s claims, the evidence show police investigated two accounts in Barclays bank believed to be Kabuga’s in July 1997. A letter allegedly written by his daughter from a Paris address in November 2006 directs Kenya Trust Company Ltd’s chief accountant to transfer monies to an account operated by a Mrs Mukazitoni Josephine with whom Kabuga registered an export/ import business in Kenya on September 15 1995.

The letters show that Kabuga, his daughter and Josephine had physical and postal addresses in Nairobi when they registered the company through Mwangi Njenga Advocates of Mombasa. Kabuga had incorporated another company-Dumezy Freighters Limited on July 25 1994 .

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