Tuesday, October 14, 2008

White supremacists want OJ!

“I’m a dead man!” The disgraced gridiron great declared when he phoned pals shortly after his conviction. Even as he sat in his dank Las Vegas jail cell just hours after jurors found him guilty of armed robbery and kidnapping, guards worried he would be marked for death. For his own safety, he was put in an isolation cell dubbed “the hole” by prisoners.

“He’s scared to death - so much so that he won’t eat, and he has been given medication for depression,” disclosed a source. Simpson has plummeted to such depths of despair, revealed an insider, “he was put on suicide watch. Someone is watching him nearly every minute in case he tries to strangle himself with whatever he can find in his cell.”“O.J. has two major things working against him as he heads to prison - he killed two white people and he’s a celebrity,” a Nevada prison system insider told the Enquirer. “He’s a target for the Aryan Warriors, a very powerful and deadly prison gang whose members want to finally deliver O.J. fatal justice. They’re waiting for him to arrive - it’s going to be like tossing meat to the wolves. He’ll be dead within weeks.”

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