Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Reactions to the shoe throwing affair...

• "I think we all understand the impulse. I've been throwing my shoes at him for years (whenever he comes on my TV)."

• "Never judge a man until you have walked a mile in his shoes. Because then he'll be barefoot and you'll be a mile away. At which point, feel free to judge."

• "In actual fact, Bush grabbed a small child and held him up as a shield after the first shoe was hurled."

• "I saw it on TV and thought, now that's poetic justice."

• "Who owns the shoes? I'll pay one million dollars!"

• "I'm not in or near DC, but maybe we could get sympathy shoe-flingings in other places around the world? A lot of people here have greatly appreciated Mr Zaidi's actions."

• "I would like to suggest that we make Bush's last day in office an 'International Throw Your Shoe Day'. Perhaps someone would like to step up and organize a flash mob of shoe throwing outside the White House? Someone with more time on their hands then me?"

• "I went to a Green Day concert in the mid-90s in Toronto and several people threw their shoes onstage. One hit lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong. He played out the rest of the song, pointed to someone in the crowd, and exclaimed 'You! Up on stage right now! You play an instrument?' 'Dude...yeah, drums.' The band shuffled around, sat the guy at the kit, and they all played a song together. Then the footwear-flinging fellow stood up, took a bow, rubbed one of the members on the head, and dove into the crowd. 2 weeks later, Oasis cancelled their Toronto show after about 20 minutes due to flying shoes. They flipped off the crowd and walked offstage.What a complex gesture shoe-throwing is! Maybe I'll give it a try myself. You know, throw a few shoes around, see what sticks."

• "I love it: 'This is a gift from the Iraqis; this is the farewell kiss, you dog!' "

etc etc...

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