Monday, February 9, 2009

A picture you might not have seen, a prayer you need to say for your country

I got an e-mail appeal from one of our readers, and he asked me to post it here, seeing how many Kenyans get to read Siasa Duni on a daily basis...

Kindly forward this to message to ALL Kenyans you can possibly access.

The Almighty God is calling us to end this hand of Satanism in our beloved country. He is calling upon you and I to say a short prayer this evening before retiring. The power to do this is within. Kindly join other Kenyans in stopping this satanic menace. Please, please, please say this prayer:

Dear Heavenly Father, I put my country Kenya in your Hands.
I repent as a Kenyan for the wrongs I have done against You and your people.
May you, in your mercy forgive me of my sins.
May you, in your Holiness deliver this country from the hands of the devil.
May you send your Holy Spirit to guide every Kenyan to live according to your will.
May you remind every Kenyan to stand before you worshiping you in spirit and truth.
May you spare this country from the pangs of hunger, corruption and diseases.
Glory be to you Father.
In Jesus' name,

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