Saturday, May 9, 2009

Teenage girls in steamy gay romp at Smirnoff Street Jam

KAMPALA - A randy lesbian couple had heads turning as they got into a steamy gay sex session at the just concluded Smirnoff Street Jam. Crowds of astonished party-goers watched as the drunken teenage girls dumped their pants and got down and dirty at the last Saturday's massive gig outside Club Silk in Industrial Area.

They kept at it for 20 minutes before they reached climax. The pair romped just behind the stage, in full view of singers and some revelers. And all onlookers cheered them on as they got breathily deep into it. Several revelers filmed the drunken session, giving running commentaries to their instant "blue video". And last night the couple described by friends as "young focused citizens with bright futures" — were said to be "mortified" by their actions. Witness Jackie Aine, 24, said: "I expect when the two gals woke up the next morning they died of shame. They are lesbian porn stars now."

The lust-filled lesbian lovers were in their late teens or early 20s. One of the girls first peeled off her friend's trousers, then dropped hers. The lesbian pair were soon writhing, moaning and groaning unconcerned by the 100+ odd people watching. "The couple did not care who was looking and just kept going as if they were in their own bedroom,” a witness said. Then when they were done, one pulled her trousers up and helped her girl lover put hers back on...

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OUR said...

This is a very serious issue.I lay all the blame squarely on alcohol.Were it not for alcohol,the girls would not have done such a thing in public.That is why I fully support the Alcohol bill that is being proposed in Kenya.This will reduce such cases in Kenya and maybe our neighbours like Uganda will borrow it.Lets fight this devil masquerading as a rejuvenating drink.
You can aslo visit to share your views on this bill.