Friday, July 3, 2009

Al Sharpton just needs to stop

On June 30th, fans gathered at the Apollo Theater in New York to celebrate the life of Michael Jackson. The event began at 2pm and a moment of silence was scheduled at 5:26 pm (the East Coast time of Jackson’s death). Once again somebody had to act a fool. There’s always gotta be some fuckery involved in everything. Well, the Rev. Al Sharpton decided to get on stage and grind on some ghetto bunny from the audience. I’m not sure what the exact situation was, but I can’t imagine that this would ever be appropriate. It’s almost as bad as Joe Jackson constantly publicizing his new record label that has “Blue Ray technology” whenever someone asks him about his son’s death...

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Anonymous said...

Al Sharpton will take advantage of any situation for his own personal gain. Shame on you Mr. Sharpton.
And, he's always got to make it a racial thing. Michael bridged the gap between black and white radio. What? What the heck is black & white radio? When I was a teen in the 60's we had the Supreme's, the Platter's, the Temptation's and the list goes on and on.
If Michael could have heard that ridiculous statement he would be very disappointed. Michael didn't want to be black. Michael died white and that's what he wanted. I may not agree with what he did to himself (he was so gorgeous before the surgeries) but it was his decision and we should ALL respect that.
Again, all I can say is shame on you Mr. Sharpton. You are one of the most racist people I can think of and you're a disgrace to your race & and Michael would probably agree.