Monday, July 13, 2009

Jacksons fight over MJ burial

Michael Jackson’s mum has clashed with his brother Jermaine over whether the late music legend should be buried at Neverland.

Jermaine wants MJ’s former fantasy-style ranch home to be his final resting place. But mum Katherine has put her foot down, saying the ranch is "tainted" because police raided it during child abuse investigations. A source close to Katherine said: "Michael left Neverland for good, never to return. He felt violated by law enforcement after his molestation trial. He felt this place he had built had been tainted. Katherine continues to be her son’s protector even after his death." Friends said heated discussions have taken place at the Jackson’s Encino home over the issue. But despite the debate, the family has still not decided on a burial spot.

Jermaine has already spoken out in public about his hope for a Neverland grave. Speaking from the ranch, he said: "This is his home, he created this. Why wouldn’t he be here? I feel his presence. And I love that." Jermaine hinted at his clash with Katherine, saying: "I want my mother to come back here and feel what I feel. He built this place with love and you can see it and feel it."

The funeral has been put on hold until medical tests on MJ’s brain have been completed. MJ’s coffin was taken to a secret location after Tuesday’s memorial service in Los Angeles. LAPD chief William Bratton refused to reveal the location of the body, adding: "We have to keep some secrets." He did confirm the body would not be returned to the Forest Lawn cemetery, where the family held a private service before the memorial.

If they do decide on Neverland as his final resting place, the Jackson family will have to apply for a permit to bury the body or scatter his ashes there. Obtaining the relevant permission from Santa Barbara County officials could take weeks. But County spokesman William Boyer said they had not been contacted by the Jackson clan. “Local jurisdiction would have to be asked. We have not received any contact,” he said.

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