Monday, September 14, 2009

Kabaka Mutebi warns against splitting his empire

KAMPALA - The Kabaka of Buganda, Ronald Muwenda Mutebi, has said he is aggrieved by the partitioning of his kingdom, saying it's meant to weaken him. He said Buganda kingdom was established out of its hospitality and good relationship with its neighbours, but now the Kingdom has fallen out with its friends, thus creating divisions. “Buganda is more than ready to host other people, but it pains when one creates other cultural entities within our own boundaries. Buganda boundaries were properly stipulated in 1962 and they ought to stand,” Mutebi said. He was addressing the 17th Lukkiko (Kingdom Council) at Bulange, Mengo yesterday. He said in the 16 years of his reign, he appreciates the central government for returning part of Buganda’s properties, but the Kingdom still wants the rest.

“We want the buildings, the 9000sq miles, county headquarters and the land occupied by forests so that the Kingdom gets enough land for its people,” he said. Mutebi also said that landlord and the Bibanja holders (Tennants) used to co-exist, but now land has become a bloodbath. He stressed that the federal system of governance is the best alternative in solving problems associated with land, promoting communication among people and economic development.


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