Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hulk knocked the EFF out in press conference

SYDNEY - Wrestling great Hulk Hogan came out worse off in a bloody brawl with rival Ric Flair at a promotional press conference in Sydney yesterday.

The event at Star City Casino, to promote the Hulkamania wrestling tour later this month, veered violently out of control. However with wrestling a form of "entertainment" is must be questioned if the fight was legitimate and not staged.

Hulk and ring rival Ric Flair let their animosity break into what appeared to be a full-scale bloody brawl. Media was shocked as Hogan began bleeding profusely from the head and was unable to get to his feet.

It was a dramatic twist as the event had started well with the stars professionally discussing their careers and plans. Photographers stood in horror as Ric Flair used his trouser belt to whip anyone within range. The Daily Telegraph reports one photographer had equipment broken when Flair threw a table off the stage and into the press before diving onto photographers.

The Hulkamania tour hits Sydney's Acer Arena on November 28th.

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