Monday, March 15, 2010

Simama Kenya and PDM: A winding journey to nowhere

Ha, PDM … who knows this thing? I have even forgotten what the initials stand for. Somebody should tell the PNU honchos that the change of name has absolutely no impact with anybody. It basically elicited a bored yawn everywhere. I simply went back to my sleep.

When I later woke up, I was seeing on TV a story about some former TV girl who had made her own makeover and joined what I am told is some cultish sect.

The particulars might be different but, to me, both her and PNU came across very alike: Confused. Rudderless. And out of touch with reality.

Let me give the PNU some unsolicited advice. I know they are paying some high-priced consultants who advised them on this makeover. Mine is for free. I’ll put it simply: PNU, you are going nowhere. Why?

To start with, the party has no structures, no form, no nothing. At the same time, it is getting too much disparate advice from all manner of esoteric “experts’’. These are not politicians. They are something else. It is a problem ODM shares.

But at least with them, they have one unnerring focus. Call it power or whatever. They coyly put it that they are onto a “journey” which was “interrupted” in 2007.

PNU will continue holding tête-à-têtes, seeking a magical formula, for God knows when. The chaps who run the Naivasha lodge where our politicians love to meet should be advised to keep their conference hall open for this party for some lengthy period.

Why, may I ask, is everybody who is somebody in PNU interested in being president? Can they ask themselves that? I know of only two names who have a realistic chance of making it, but I won’t say who.

The Democratic Party, the dormant party Mwai Kibaki dumped long ago, suddenly has become very vocal.

They want “consultations” before unity is discussed. So do many other little parties. Maybe PNU should just call a baraza at Uhuru Park to poll pedestrians on what they think.

Quite frankly, PNU has become an amusement park. But it’s not very funny when some fairly powerful figures who want to come across as serious end up looking comical when they try to promote a shell called PDM, or whaveter it is.

The comedy keeps getting richer. Tony Gachoka, the Raila Odinga aide-turned-Jimmy Kibaki aide, is joined Ford-Kenya last week Tuesday. At the same time, I hear Simama Kenya has applied to become a political party. Can you imagine starting to chant Jimmy Kibaki for President, or is it for the Othaya parliamentary seat? Please.

Talking of the Kibaki Junior, the PNU would be wise to give a very wide berth to his father when it comes to organising themselves. History has shown that he is totally inept at political party management.

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