Monday, April 12, 2010

UK group plans Pope's arrest for 'crimes against humanity'

Plans to have the Pope arrested when he visits the UK will succeed because he is not a head of state, a solicitor has said.

Atheist authors Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens proposed the action against the Pontiff for his handling of child abuse scandals in the Catholic church. The writers' solicitor, Mark Stephens, said applications will be made to courts in the UK and the International Criminal Court for a warrant for Pope Benedict XVI's arrest.

Pope 'has no UK arrest immunity'

His likely defence would be be that he is immune from prosecution during his visit to Britain in September, according to the lawyer. But Mr Stephens said: "The courts will examine the claim of immunity. I believe that an English court would reject it. If the Pope was here on a state visit, ordinarily a head of state would have sovereign immunity. What I believe is that because he's not a sovereign, not a head of state, he's not entitled to the defence." He said that the Vatican was declared to be a state by Benito Mussolini, but this had no standing in international law.

The Pope faced criticism after it emerged that he signed a letter which delayed the punishment of a paedophile priest in the US for the "good of the universal church". Writing in 1985, the future Pontiff said that he needed more time to consider the case.

Mr Stephens, who has represented abuse victims in the past said: "This will require the Pope to deal with the way in which he appears to have prioritised the reputation of the Catholic church over the welfare of children."

Potential charges against the Pope would be crimes against humanity.

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Violet said...

It had to be atheist Richard Dawkins trying to get the Pope arrested.I don't think they'll succeed though. It's scandalous and very sad for the poor boys,it's lack of better judgemnent on the pope's part and it's a blow to the catholic church but I don't think it can qualify as a crime against humanity. If they still want him to pay for what he has done (which he should), they should find another way to do it. Now they just look like bitter atheists. Maybe a public apology from the pope and the catholic church, and perhaps more seriousness from them when it comes to handling those god forsaken priests.All these priests must be charged for what they do to little kids.