Monday, May 31, 2010

Hacker posts Hitler photo on State House website

KAMPALA - The official website of State House was last evening pulled down after unknown people hacked into it and posted a picture of the Nazi German dictator Adolf Hitler. The image stayed on the site for more than 24 hours having been posted on Saturday until about 4:00pm on Sunday when the site was finally pulled down.

The hacker claiming to be called Kaka Argentine posted the photo of Hitler with a Nazi Party symbol on his chest on Saturday. The controversial posts, conspicuous on the home page, were posted below the picture of President Museveni greeting the Masaka Municipality MP, John Kawanga during a meeting at Munyonyo Resort on May 25.

This is not the first time strangers have hijacked the government departments’ website.  Last year, hackers calling themselves 'the Ayyildiz team' posted pro-Palestine items on the website of the ministry of defense, accusing Israel of killing innocent Palestinians.

The presidential press secretary, Ms Linda Nabusayi, said they had received information that the posts were a result of an internal wrangle within the company that had been outsourced to manage the website. “I have been told that the external service providers have issues within their company and that one workers who has since left could be the one behind this,” she said.

ICT Minister Aggrey Awori said State House has been a target of such attacks and blamed the cyber crime on opposition elements both within the country and outside whom he said were in the business of “electronic harassment” against State House and the government. He said a new set of cyber laws that the government is pushing forward will help “track them and put them away”. Ms Nabusayi said State House would terminate the contract of the service provider.

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