Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Hear, hear!

Please support our competitor by reading what they say about the Uhuru Park bombing...

The evil that the No camp are planning nextThe reason why I did not publish the information you are about to read here in Kumekucha is because of its' extremely sensitive nature. And secondly I was not able to verify it from at least one other independent source (something I always try to do).

I was informed by one of my most reliable informants that the next move by the NO camp will be to use the military and create some kind of trouble. Like a mutiny of sorts within the military or protest of some kind to show that even the military are against the new constitution. This whole idea would be to scare all Kenyans tremendously and basically halt any chances of Kenyans ever embracing a new constitution.

I am well aware that the powerful people protecting their wealth are capable of doing anything to block the enactment of a new constitution. I am also aware that some of them still have powerful contacts within the kenyan Armed forces. But still I felt that this information I received was a little too far fetched. That was until the Uhuru Park blast on Sunday that left 6 people dead and scores of others badly injured (and still counting).

The sooner Kenyans realize just how desperate those out to stop the new constitution are, the safer we will all be.

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