Tuesday, June 15, 2010


While the action on the pitch is lukewarm, there is no doubt about the star of the competition so far.

FIFA have stated publicly they will not ban them, but they continue to cause controversy.

Robin van Persie blamed the din when he played on after being flagged offside against the Danes, whose goalkeeper Thomas Sorensen said he plans to use sign language with his defenders in subsequent games.

The BBC, meanwhile, are reportedly looking into providing a vuvuzela-free audio feed. ITV already are, of course. Every time the noise gets too loud they just cut to an ad break.

At least when the World Cup ends, that will be the end of it, right? Wrong.

British fans are snapping the things up at an alarming rate. Sainsbury's sold 22,000 in 12 hours, while Jamie Carragher already has a couple stashed away for his kids. The instruments may even be allowed into Premier League grounds next season. Bookmaker Paddy Power is running a book on the first top-flight team to sell them - Manchester United are 4/1 favourites but I fancy Arsenal at 12/1.

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