Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Siasa Duni thinks this is the man behind the Uhuru Park blast

This man has been using Uhuru Park blast tactics to achieve political objectives since the 70s.

There is enough circumstantial evidence to link retired president Moi to the explosions that went off at Uhuru Park last month during a No campaign killing. Moi has a history of violently resisting change.

When he was put under pressure to re-introduce multiparty democracy, he warned us that multi-party would "burn you". He then got busy ensuring that his prophecy was fulfiled with the infamous land clashes. Arrows were imported into the country through the Office of the President to be used in killing the very same Kenyan taxpayers whose taxes had paid for them. Moi learnt his bomb tactics from the brutal Kenyatta regime which he faithfully served for 12 years as Vice President. The Kenyatta government used bombs in 1975 to kill innocent Kenyans for political reasons shortly before the JM Kariuki assassination.

Interestingly this Moi charade and the history behind it is one more reason why Kenyans badly need a new constitution today.

For the record the whole Uhuru Park bomb blast thing flopped badly. One of the main reasons for this was the fact that the whole thing was planned by relics of the past trying to apply old methods to a brand new Kenya that has changed tremendously from the days when bomb blasts scared Kenyans into changing their political positions.

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