Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The CIA drugs conspiracy: the role of drugs in America's War on Terror

The drug issue is one a majority of people are very uncomfortable to talk about. Those who talk about it always fall into the trap of drowning in American propaganda and end up not giving a clear picture of where the real problem lies. Given the ongoing war on drugs, and the current airtime the topic is receiving in Kenya of late, I strongly feel that this is the time to have some straight talk so that we can ensure that the drug menace is completely dealt with. The whole war against drugs will be in vain if the truth is not first established.

According to American website, there is exposition on how the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA ) controls the drug trafficking syndicates in the world. It gives a clear picture of how CIA, for their own interests. invest in the drug industry which currently threatens the sanity of some groups that appear to be a threat to American interests.

Recently, there have been media reports over the drug menace at the coastal region of Kenya. It's a known fact that while a number of American presidents and other senior American political figures have admitted to having used marijuana at some point in their lives, majority of Kenyans don’t even know how bhang looks like. Presidents Bill Clinton, George Bush and Obama have admitted having smoked marijuana at some point in their lives. 2000 Democratic presidential candidate and former vice president Al Gore has admitted to have had the same experience. In Kenya, and maybe the whole of Africa, such a thing alone will make one unelectable.

In the United States, the drug menace has been prominent in the non-white and poor white populations. African Americans have been major casualties in the use of drugs. With reference to the days of slavery, the days of the civil rights movement for the African population of America up to the days of Barrack Obama, the drug menace appears to be more of a political weapon, much more than just a social problem.

The elucidation by Alex Harley on the life of Malcolm X in his book The Autobiography of Malcolm X – as told to Alex Harley is in itself a lesson that people need to use as a case study. The transformation of Malcolm X from his drug days to being one of the most powerful figures in the history of black people speaks volumes. Malcolm X, were it not for his conversion into the Nation of Islam while in prison, would not have been the great man that people talk about today. With what some people came to call racist teachings, the nation of Islam transformed Malcolm X to the man he later became because of its strict rules. Under Elijah Muhammad, the members of the group realized that the only way they could confront the political challenges that faced the black community was to teach people to abstain from drugs, cigarettes and anything else that is universally considered as unholy. It is through this kind of calling that Malcolm X’s life transformed from using drugs to preaching Afro-American Unity. Malcolm X is just an example of how many Afro American intellectuals missed opportunity to excel in academics because of the prevailing circumstances that made majority of young afro Americans resort to drug use. It’s not a coincidence therefore that the drug menace to date is most prominent in the US than any other part of the world. It is not a coincidence that the drug menace is most prominent among the black population and poor white populations. It is not a coincidence that the drugs menace in Kenya is most prominent at the coastal region and in areas associated with Islamic faith.

According to a re cent newspaper report, the cost of heroin ranges around 200 shillings for the smallest quantity, while heroin goes at a cost of 500 shillings. I have not seen anyone coming out to ask why the victims of hard drugs addiction are only found at the coast and not even in Nairobi, which is the capital city and more cosmopolitan than Mombasa. The difference between the situation in Kenya and that in the USA is that the lower class whites and the poor black people live on welfare; that is the source of the money that is most likely used by drug addicts. In third world like Kenya, in particular the source of money used by drug addicts should be clearly established. The fingers are pointing at someone who is a world political super power who is islamophobic and more than interested to have the young people who have no source of income buy drugs. According to Under the CIA de-radicalization program the Muslim youth are provided with the money to use for the purchase of the drugs-to make them zombies and unproductive. This makes their prospect of falling into fundamentalist teachings minimized. The introduction of the drugs into the Muslim community ensures that there are no upcoming teachers of Islamic fundamentalism. The needle used for drug injections is said to be very expensive, something that has made those who use the drugs at the coast to share needles thus increasing HIV/aids prevalence at the coast. Following these facts, I believe that Kenyans should give a great focus on this exposition and stop following the misleading reports that come from any agent. While this method has worked effectively in curbing terrorism, it is sad that the situation is now at a critical level of making a whole generation is some of the parts of our country totally hopeless.CIA also knows very well that by doing so, the HIV and Aids will spread fast. This makes the allegations by fiery preacher Rev.Jeremiah Wright true that AIDS was designed to wipe out the African population.

In the 2008 campaigns, radical pastor of the United Holy Trinity Church Rev.Jeremiah Wright became a subject of controversy in the Obama campaigns when he alluded to the fact that drugs were pushed into the black community to ensure that they (black people) grow in crime, remain unproductive, unschooled and un exposed to education and graduate to prison by teenage.

According to their website, the USAID spends a lot of their money on programs that are intended to curb terrorism. The programs that are explicitly outlined are those that directly involve the Muslim youth in Kenya against radicalism and fundamentalism.Un-said truth is that the CIA has a specific interest in ensuring that the drugs (according to the reports, there are no drug industries/factories in Kenya) get to young muslims.In Kenya, majority of the victims of drug addiction are at the coast, a place whose majority population professes the Islamic religion. The drug menace has really messed up the lives of many young people at the coast. In the recent past, America did a survey on establishing the number of madras at the coast. After a public outcry from Muslim leaders from the Islamic leaders, Ranneberger started fabricating reports to divert attention from the CIA ‘de-radicalization’ of the Muslim youth program. With the drug addicts in the Islamic community, according to CIA,there will be few students of the Sharia law, there will be fewer students and teachers of Islamic fundamentalism. The drug menace is a religio-political ideological problem and not as petty as Ranneberger wants to project it just to DIVERT OUR ATTENTION. The drug issue is a grave matter and should be dealt with.Ranneberger has more answers to give us than questions. The problem is bigger than what Ranneberger wants us to believe; The buck stops with Ranneberger’s own government to stop bringing drugs in the third world under the guise of fighting terrorism. That is the TRUTH. So what is the credibility of Ranneberger’s so called dossier on drugs?

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