Thursday, February 3, 2011

BREAKING NEWS: Mubarak's diabolic plan to abort the Egyptian Revolution

A senior army intelligence commander in Egypt has stated that Mubarak failed to curb the Egyptian revolution, initially using Police Forces and Secret Service, followed by unleashing criminal elements from jails and prisons in conjunction with corrupt officers and ex-cops from the Ministry of Interior to wreak havoc, terrorize Egyptian civilians, and make them beg for coercive order to avoid chaos.

Mubarak is now implementing a diabolic plan to abort the Egyptian Revolution by blocking direct communication between Egyptian Army divisions and directing all communications from the Central Command's Operations Room to prevent the Egyptian Army, who mostly support the citizens as it is made up of patriots and conscripts, from staging a Military Coup. Some reports indicate that two senior Army Commanders were fired and detained in the early days of Army deployments, but such reports have not been confirmed.

The plan aims to wear down the protesters by starving the people, shutting down banks, stores, food outlets, and intercity transportation and telecommunication to prevent reinforcements, and to turn the rest of the Egyptian people against their fellow Egyptian protesters, blaming them for food and money shortages, forcing them back to their homes so his newly appointed Ministry of Interior can regain Police control over the country using the same corrupt elements that for the time being are still scared to go back to the streets, fearing retaliation from the people.

I repeat, this was reported by a patriotic Senior Army Intelligence Commander, and he urges the people of Egypt act swiftly to dismantle Mubarak's viscous regime to prevent him from succeeding in his diabolical plan, which could materialize in a matter of days if not hours, forcing the submission of the Egyptian people as their only savior and provider.

I urge all International Governments to support the Egyptian people because if Mubarak wins, the world will loose the friendship of 80 Million Egyptians, and 350 Million Arabs, all for the sake of one single dysfunctional dictator. Please make this known by any means possible, for the sake of humanity, peace, justice and freedom all over the world!

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