Thursday, February 10, 2011

Conje leaves Mathari

A few weeks back Siasa Duni reported that Kenya’s boxing queen, Conjestina “Angel” Achieng’, lost the plot and was admitted at Mathari Mental Hospital. Well, we're glad to announce that she is back and raring to go once again.

Achieng’, also fondly known to her fans as ‘Conje’, was on Tuesday discharged from Mathari Hospital, where she was admitted a fortnight ago. “I want to thank God and all those who have supported me. Let them know that whatever happened is through God’s will,” Achieng’, who is also known in the boxing ring as ‘Hands of Stone’, said on her exit.

She said she would now concentrate on nurturing new boxing talent, adding that she intends to open a centre in Kisumu to train female boxers through the Conjestina Achieng’ Foundation, which she runs. “It’s my dream to see more boxers come up. It’s said charity begins at home and that is why I am heading to Kisumu,” she said. Achieng’ plans to work with the Kisumu-based Odera Kang’o Foundation to set up the boxing centre. The boxer also said she will fly out to the United States next month for further training in conjunction with Kenya Professional Boxing Commission (KPBC).

“I will be in the US to train as a professional boxing coach. I am not sure if I will return to the ring or not but let me see how it goes in the US,” she said. KPBC secretary Shabaan Ogolla said one of the best female coaches in the world, Bonie Canino, will take care of Achieng’s programme while in the US.

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