Thursday, March 10, 2011

Intellectual Lightweight fails to impress

"I'm Wiper, bitchez!!"
Kenya's Intellectual Lightweight has bitten the dust in the United States.

No sooner had he met with Deputy Secretary of State James Steinberg in Washington on Wednesday than a State Department official said to a Kenyan newspaper, “we do not support a UN Security Council resolution to defer the ICC Kenya investigation.”

The VP had held talks with representatives of other Security Council member-states in New York on Monday. He sought their support for a one-year suspension of the International Criminal Court’s cases against six Kenyans accused of orchestrating the violence following the 2007 elections. The other four permanent members of the council, as well as the three African countries holding rotating council seats, did not respond to Nation inquiries regarding their position on a possible ICC deferral. But without US backing, Kenya has no chance of gaining the council’s approval for the proposed deferral. Vice President Musyoka declined on Wednesday evening to comment on the outcome of his visit to New York and Washington.

The State Department official added in an e-mail message to the newspaper that the US does not agree with the approach being taken by the Kenyan government in hopes of shielding the six from ICC action.

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