Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Roosay’s attack on Intellectual Lightweight was a diversionary tactic

Last Friday, First Lady Lucy Kibaki read the Riot Act to Vice President Kalonzo for, among other things, snitching on her husband to the Amreicans, and thereby reigniting the debate on the Second Lady, aka The Permanent Mistress, Ms. Mary Wambui Kibaki.

In a seemingly unrelated development, on Thursday the Police netted heroine with a street value of Sh500m after it was sneaked into the country via an illegal landing bay at Shanzu, Mombasa. The drug haul—196 kilograms packed in 2kg sachets sealed in polythene—was camouflaged as dog food under the brand name: "Science Plan: Veterinary formulated Canine Senior for older dogs. New improved taste” and was being transported in two vehicles at Shanzu, Mombasa, when police struck at around 7pm on Thursday. Three Kenyans, two Iranians and a Pakistani were arrested in the operation, and Police recovered two pistols and more than 30 rounds of ammunitions from the two vehicles, a Nissan saloon car and a Toyota Rav4.

Now, an interesting idea is gaining currency in social networking sites; an idea that is leading Siasa Duni to believe that Lucy’s mad rant was nothing more than a diversionary tactic, steeped in the long-honed tradition of Kenyan politicos, and perfected by Moi: it is being alleged that the drug haul, the second biggest in Kenya’s history, was brought in by none other than the Second Lady, in association with Peter Kenneth (who is not directly implicated, apparently), and were headed to a Livondo-owned warehouse.

Mary Wambui Kibaki, the president's second / estranged wife.
Of course, our first reaction was, “PK? Really!? The squeaky clean MP who would be Governor?”, but a close examination of him leaves more questions than answers on his character. It is being alleged that Peter Kenneth and Mary Wambui Kibaki have been in the drug game for years. The drugs, brought in by the Second Lady, were being tracked by US Intelligence and the Kenyan Police had been laying in ambush for them for two weeks. It is common knowledge that Mary Wambui Kibaki is a good friend of Ali Punjani, one of the drug lords mentioned by Saitoti in Parliament, alongside Gidion Mbuvi, William Kabogo, Hassan Joho and Harun Mwau. Mary Wambui Kibaki also features prominently in the US Drug Dossier as a close associate of Abubakar Joho, brother to Hassan Joho.

As if that were not enough, Mary Wambui Kibaki is also a key player and features prominently in the Shs. 8 billion ($96.3) Gold Smuggling syndicate, alongside Kamlesh Paul Pattni, Irshan Sumra and Julius Kuria Ndegwa, a senior policeman. She is also linked to the infamous raids on Standard Media Group in 2006 with the help of her son-in-law Artur Margaryan and his brother Artur Sargasyan. 

The president's illegitimate daughter gets intimate with Atur.

So in light of all this, we pose a few questions: As a member of Kibaki’s inner circle, and no doubt privy to Kibaki’s intelligence briefings, did Lucy Kibaki know about her co-wife’s drug stash being impounded by Police the previous evening? If so, is she now more accommodating of her co-wife, diverting public attention to give the ‘bad news’ a soft landing before it hit the press the next day? Why does Mary Wambui Kibaki’s name repeatedly appear in illicit activities? Is Kibaki aware of the illegal activities his Permanent Mistress has been carrying out? Are these illegal activities, and by extensions Kibaki’s apparent refusal to do anything about them, the reason Lucy dragged him unwillingly to a press conference to disassociate himself and deny his second wife and his second family in very public manner?

Whatever the case, it is very clear that there’s more going on than meets the eye, and Lucy Kibaki is firmly in the know about her co-wife and her illicit activities. It is also very clear that in her illegal activities, Mary Wambui Kibaki is confidently enjoying presidential protection, as evidenced by the arrogance with which she carries herself and her activities.

Winnie Wangui Mwai and Atur Magaryan in happier times.

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