Friday, September 16, 2011

Kalenjin Professionals Say 'NO' To An Uhuru Presidency

I'll just relay this exactly as I received it from my source, who attended the meeting last night...

I must give Ruto thumps up for giving his ears to the Kalenjin professionals. He did not only listen but gave them time and all ears open to air their views and opinions freely at a well attended meeting in Nairobi a day ago. Much applause to him!

Thanks to the professionals too. They did not minced, ate or swallowed their words. Neither did they beat around the bush nor did they make any excuses. They hit head-on, were frank and to the point. And without wasting time, I will go deep to the nitty gritty of what may have transpired in that meeting. I attended virtually and may have missed one or two things.

To say the truth, these professionals and on a foot note almost convince me to support Ruto's presidential candidacy. I am almost buying this line of thinking....

They told Ruto point blank, we support you fully but in this process our interest comes first. Three or so major points were raised during the meeting;- LAND, IDPs, Jobs, counties. In this long political journey, the professional told him we must have plan A and fall out plan. That we have to gauge our game. Whether it is a wining game or not. If the prospects of supporting you for presidency falls below par, WHAT NEXT?

Then came bullet, who among the "evil" top contenders will cater for our interests if things get awry? Will Mt Kenya allow us to deal with land injustices or will the lake have any interests in LAND. They did not waste time and told Ruto what we all know as an open secret. Mt. Kenya after fixing their OWN in every pillar of parastals, security chiefs and financial sector will not waste time but settle their IDPs right inside our lands. The Kalenjin and Land injustices will FOREVER never be solved!

Then came bombshell. "We will support you fully", but what IF..... AND I repeat, what IF Uhuru vs Raila come to the final contest? On whose side will Kalenjin support? They told him BLATANTLY; "We will go with a Raila presidency" Not because we want him, but to stop the over-advancement of MT. Kenya mafia. To minimize their interests overcoming our interests across the regions. As much as we loath Raila, our interests will have check and balances on Mt. Kenya with a Raila presidency.

In short, Ruto, was told we will not accept a UHURU PRESIDENCY! He was not only tongue-tied but awed how things were shaping up. Thanks to his quick eloquence and thoughts. He told his audience we will stick with UDM and nothing short of that.

Further to this, Ruto was told, while having powerful counties, the top presidential contenders might not bring much input taking into consideration tribal competition. The new constitution gives equity to all counties. We are glad to have Seven counties among the 47 counties. Mt. Kenya are not happy with this. In the recent past, Uhuru through his finance docket has tried to mutilate the county devolution bill. Trying to send a meager funds to the counties.

In a nutshell, who among the top contenders will in a "bytheway" have our interests taken care of? As much us we do not like Raila, he still stands the better option than the one who directly starves our future and current interests. As he (Raila) counters the Mt. Kenya mafia, our interests could be taken care of as a by-product.

Ruto was caught between a hard place and a rock. To either go with "his" enemy number one and follow the REALITY that is slowly and surely taking root among the PROFESSIONALS or go EAST and the community is used, diced and dumped.