Thursday, July 19, 2012

Miguna: The surprise addition to Kenyan lexicon

Miguna: A jilted lover (Miguna Miguna = two jilted lovers)

Migunee: The dumper

Migunwad: To be the victim of a spilling of secrets of your love affair.

Migunaring: The act of speaking ill of previous love affairs.

Migunarriffic: The excitement accompanying the temporary attention that follows the spilling.

Migunaphobia: The fear of what would be said about you by previous lovers.

Migunamania: To extremely love the things being said by a jilted lover.

Migunaholic: Those engrossed and addicted to stories of previous love affairs.

Migunometre: An instrument used to measure the level of lies from jilted lovers.

Migunology: The study of the art of Migunaring.

Miguniologist: One who specializes in the study of the art of Migunaring.

Example of usage in a sentence: 
Miguna was dumped by Migunee and went around migunaring about the migunee.Some thought it was so migunarriffic while migunaphobics condemned the act. However, there are others who are so migunamanic to the extent of being migunaholics.We need the migunologist to use the migunometre to find the level of lies in the verbosity.

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