Friday, February 15, 2013

Ruto refers to gays as 'dogs' on national TV

Homosexuals and dogs are in the same school: Ruto
outlines Jubilee's stand on Gay Rights.
So in case you missed it, last night there was a Deputy Presidential candidates' debate and on the homosexuality issue Ruto threw a bombshell that was clearly very offensive.

"Homosexuals and dogs are in the same school," said a beaming Ruto while basing it on the Bible.

Now the national gay rights activist Denis Nzioka is clearly up in arms:

"As a homosexual, I am NOT voting for either Uhuru Kenyatta, Jubilee Alliance or William Samoei Ruto come March 4th. Dogs do not vote for murderers, thieves, rapists and corrupt leaders. Yesterday, at the Deputy Presidential Debate, Jubilee Alliance lost 2 million dog votes over Ruto's stand. The choice of who to endorse for President now remains Raila Odinga and CORD Alliance or Peter Kenneth and his running mate, Osundwa."

Word from the gay community in Kenya which is estimate to be above 2,000,000 is that Ruto can forget about the 'dogs' votes'. But will Ruto come out and apologise? is it justified for a 'digital' felllow to use such dehumanizing tags on fellow Kenyan? And will NCIC come out and take action against Ruto?


Herewith is the full text of Mr. Nzioka's response:

I want to bring to your attention the remarks that Mr William Samoei Ruto, the former MP for Eldoret North and current running mate of Jubilee Alliance (headed by Mr Uhuru Kenyatta).

Mr Ruto, in a televised debate - of running mates/deputy presidents designates - aired on all Christian TV and radio stations, as well as the national broadcaster, KBC, uttered the following remarks: 'Homosexuals and dogs are from the same school.'

In addition to Mr Ruto, the other running mates all uttered negative, stereotypical and inflammatory remarks about gay and lesbian Kenyans. 

The utterances by Mr Ruto amount to hate speech and inflammatory language designed to incite and provoke backlash and violence against homosexuals. 

His use of the word 'dog' is tantamount genocidal lingo as even Kenyans who dislike or disapprove of LGBT people should be alarmed and disgusted by Ruto's comments. 

If a politician can dehumanize ANY segment of the population using epithets like "dog" (cp. the use of "cockroaches" In Rwanda in 1994), it means he is capable of genocide against any group he decides to hate. 

The remarks have not been taken lightly. We feel that if there is continued ostracization and fencing of the community or any coded attacks on any Kenyan's particular identity or orientation is tantamount to hate speech and vile language. it is more so serious if the same is said or uttered or done by a political leader.

I call to your attention the volatile and sensitive issue of marking out (any) community at this time of elections and how this can lead to nasty consequences.

The LGBT community is in danger over his remarks and we urge NCIC to immediately and without delay initiate investigations into the remarks (and there is evidenciary proof of the same to back up the charge) and lead to prosecution of Mr Ruto.

We have likewise written to the political party/coalition that Mr Ruto is affiliated to and pressed our concerns. We have also demanded a retraction and an apology from Mr Ruto.

We hope to hear from you on this grave matter in the earliest time possible.

Denis Nzioka,
Gay Kenyan, activist and Voter
Feb 15, 2013

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