Wednesday, March 6, 2013

REVEALED: How Uhuru Kenyatta tried unsuccessfully to rig the 2013 election

According to this IEBC graph, Uhuru's votes follow the exact
same pattern as Raila's votes. External software is at play here.

That static statistic puzzled me!

IEBC realised that their system had been hacked into. The programmer had instructions to input a permanent difference of more than 400 votes between Uhuru and Raila. Karachuonyo MP, Eng. James Rege, Kenya's "E-MP" (my MP, might I add) blew the lid off this shameless scam.

IEBC have also realised that they cannot correct this unless they post the data afresh. Whereas, two men have been arrested for this debacle.

There is a lot of scrutiny at Bomas and everyone is on high alert. Any form of inaccurate tallying is being put to the side and individuals involved are personally being held responsible.

Having detected this at around 3pm yesterday, the Commission had no option but to go fully manual. Things would have been much worse had this not been detected.

As much as the media got the result, and we know who has won, I have decided to be patient and wait for IEBC to announce the results. I ask you to do the same.

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