Friday, May 3, 2013

Mutula Kilonzo was poisoned

The late Mutula Kilonzo feeding his lions in their Sh. 2 million
den at his ranch.
Sources including Standard Group’s Kenya Televison Network (KTN ) have revealed that traces of poison were found on Mutula Kilonzo’s liver during the autopsy.

Family sources and a doctor involved in the investigations hinted that tests for lethal poisons are being conducted including the slow killer Polonium 210 

KTN also announced in a news bulletin that the government team that was involved in the autopsy has refused to send his body samples to the UK for analysis.

A team of seven pathologists among them a Briton who was hired to perform the autopsy took 52 samples for an independent analysis but the government pathologists have withheld them.

“No sample will be taken out of the country as all the samples collected can be analysed locally,” Government pathologist Johansen Oduor.

Polonium 210 is a deadly radiation poison and it is the same poison that was used used to kill Alexander Litvinenk, a KGB agent-turned-Kremlin critic in London in 2006.(extract from Wikipendia: Notably, the murder of Alexander Litvinenko, a Russian dissident, in 2006 was announced as due to 210Po poisoning[80][81] (see Alexander Litvinenko poisoning).

Traces of the poison was also on the late Palestinian leader Yasser Arafat’s clothes he is said to have worn before his death.

Reports received after Mutula Kilonzo’s death stated that the Senator had vomited on his sink earlier on in the fateful night. The police had also indicated that investigations were looking into the poison theory and the investigations were centered on food samples around the Senator’s home.

Mutula’s family is locked in a dispute over the late senator’s burial site. Mutula’s family yesterday met to resolve the dispute.

Mutula’s current wife wants him to be buried in Maazoni where he was living while other family members want him to be laid to rest in Mbooni where his parent come from.

KTN’s reporting on the Mutula developments start at minute 3:00 on the video below:

KTN reports that Mutula Kilonzo was poisoned

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