Friday, August 8, 2008

City dwellers arrested slaughtering fat dog


KAMPALA - Police in Kawempe, a Kampala suburb, is holding two shameless male adults whose main source of income is to feed innocent citizens on hot fatty dog meat.

Moses Bogere of Kikoni zone and Edward Kitumba of Kisenyi zone in Kawempe had their luck slip out on Saturday when Police smoked them out slaughtering a fat dog for no other purpose but to serve it as roasted goat’s meat. Police said the two evil men from hell have been running an abattoir for a long time and that they normally slaughter the dogs from a ‘shrine’ as if they are going to use the meat for scarifice and end up selling it as goat’s meat.

The O/C Wandegeya Police Station Bernard Otti said the duo were helplessly smoked out in a hideous hut in Kisenyi zone after they had already sliced off the animal’s head and claws in order to conceal its identity. Police Spokesman Kampala Extra Region Simeo Nsubuga said the duo will be charged with ‘injuring animals’, which upon conviction has a hefty nine years imprisonment. “Injuring animals is a felony and according to the penal code, it is nine - year imprisonment on conviction". Nsubuga said. Section 334 of the Penal Code states thus “Any person who willfully and unlawfully kills, maims or wounds any animal capable of being stolen, commits an offence.

On conviction, the culprit is entitled to a full nine years in any gazetted school of understanding.

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