Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Security alert at Democratic convention

DENVER - A security scare at the US Democratic convention saw delegates walk for long distances on Monday.

The Democrats are holding a four-day caucus in Denver, Colorado where Senator Barack Obama will formally accept the party’s nomination for president on Thursday night. Traffic was shut down throughout most of downtown on Monday after police and secret service officers sealed it off, following day-long protests by demonstrators opposed to the war in Iraq.

More than 10 people were arrested as a result of the protests.

The security fears worsened after a local TV station, CBS4 News, reported that three men had been arrested for plotting to assassinate Mr Obama. Colorado chief prosecutor Troy Eid downplayed the assassination fears saying that “authorities are absolutely confident three men arrested on weapons and drug charges posed no threat to Mr Obama”. "We're aware of the matter discussed tonight by the Aurora Police Department," said Mr Eid in a statement sent to local newspaper Rocky Mountain News. "Federal law enforcement is working with the Aurora Police Department. Because this matter is currently under investigation, there is little we can say right now.”

Streets around the Pepsi centre of the convention were sealed off and security checks intensified.

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