Tuesday, August 12, 2008

What Is Prescott Support Group doing in Kenya?

The US embassy in Nairobi says their planes are operating in the country legally and denied fears that they could be moving terror suspects.

A spokeswoman Kim Dubois said the operations of their soldiers in the country were licensed by the Department of Defence and Kenya Civil Aviation Authority. "There is nothing strange with the planes and their operations. American soldiers operate 24 hours a day and are here legally," she said in a telephone conversation.

The official said she was not aware of any terror suspect who had been renditioned out of the country using the planes and termed the claims "speculations". Ms Dubois confirmed that the embassy uses the Prescott Support Group planes in their operations. "The US embassy has a contract with Prescott to fly their personnel and other goods to various destinations, but we do not operate at night."

Dubois declined to comment on whether CIA agents accompany American soldiers or embassy personnel whenever they land in the country. "No comment on the CIA agents in that context. Please," she said.

The embassy in Nairobi obtained a licence on behalf of Prescott to operate non-scheduled flights from Jomo Kenyatta International and Wilson airports from June. The Prescott Group, which according to the American media, has links with the CIA, applied for renewal of their licence in May and was allowed to make non-scheduled air service for passengers and freight in and out of Kenya.

Documents show that the company was allowed to fly in and out, for two years, in a Gazette notice on June 20.

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