Monday, March 1, 2010

Strange... but is it true? (Man ‘chops’ woman while husband sleeps!)

"During my sleep, I felt someone was having sex with me; I thought it was my husband, with whom I was in bed, and so I embraced him firmly but then my hand hit another person on the bed and quickly I opened my eyes, only to realise that the person having sex with me was not my husband but the receptionist of the hotel we lodged in for the night."

These were the words of a 34-year-old married woman who was allegedly raped in a hotel room in Accra, where she and her husband had passed the night.

Henry Kabi, 35, (pictured, above) the suspected rapist, was a receptionist at Olive Guesthouse at Kisseiman in Accra. A source told DAILY GUIDE that the said Kabi had earlier ushered the couple into their room when they checked in the hotel on February 16, 2010, to spend the night.

At around 1.00am, the victim, who was then sleeping on the same bed with her husband, realised that a man was lying on top of her, missionary style, and busily having sexual intercourse with her; but she presumed that the person was her husband and so she responded, the source said.

However, in the course of the action, the victim's body touched another person on the bed when she stretched her arms and legs wider to open up to the love-making.

To her horror, she realised that her husband was lying beside her fast asleep!

The source said the lights in the room were off, so it was her shouts for help that prompted her husband to wake up and to quickly switch on the lights.

And lo and behold, when the lights were on, Henry Kabi, the receptionist, was seen standing there naked holding a condom in his hand whilst the main door was still locked, DAILY GUIDE was told. The source said the lady, upon realising what had befallen her, fell unconscious, but was later revived at a nearby hospital.

The case was therefore reported to the Domestic Violence and Victims Support Unit (DOVVSU) of the Ghana Police Service, and the suspected rapist was promptly arrested. Confirming the story, the regional coordinator of DOVVSU, DSP Owusua Kyeremeh, indicated that the victim was said to be half-naked in bed with her husband when the incident happened. She said Henry Kabi, upon interrogation, revealed that he got into the victims hotel room through the window. He was said to have stood on a kitchen stool and passed through the window to rape the woman after realising that the woman was lying by the husband partially naked whilst the man was also fast asleep.

DSP Owusua Kyeremeh noted that the suspect, at the initial stage, told the Police that he wore a condom during the act, but upon further interrogation, he confessed that he was not wearing any condom and had not discharged into her vagina. The husband of the victim, according to the regional coordinator of DOVVSU, was shell-shocked, but was prevailed upon to remain calm after the incident.

Meanwhile, the victim, according to DAILY GUIDE's source, was responding to treatment at the hospital, while the suspect had been remanded into prison custody by an Accra circuit court to reappear on March 5, 2010. Earlier, Henry Kabi, the suspected rapist who was said to have granted interview to some journalists, confessed that he only attempted to have sex with the woman but was caught before he could carry out his intentions. "I removed the cloth... I was trying to have sex with her but I couldn't," he confessed.

According to him, he entered the room through the window to switch off the television, which was disturbing other clients in the hotel. This, he claimed, was after persistent knocks on the door had gone unanswered. On his way out, he tried calling the man to inform him that he had switched off the television. It was then that his hand touched the woman's thighs, he claimed in his defence. Kabi said he then removed the cloth around the woman, but was caught before he could fully penetrate her.

He is said to be married with a child.

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