Wednesday, March 31, 2010

World's most expensive mirror

Underneath this amazing mirrored bodywork is a MINI Cooper S. It's a well equipped MINI, granted, but it's so flash that its owners can't get insurance cover.

Ian Grice, a builder from Nottingham, bought the car as a Valentine's gift for his wife Toni. He was so dazzled by it, literally, that he happily paid the £38,000 asking price when it caught his eye in the showroom. Without options, the list price for a MINI Cooper S is £17,000 - meaning the value of the chrome paintjob could be more than the car itself.

But it has caused a massive headache for the couple, because insurance companies won't provide cover, at any cost. Temporary cover was initially provided by the London MINI dealership so it could be driven home by the happy buyers.

Once back in Nottingham, however, they were left with what Ian describes as "the world's most expensive mirror." Talking to The Sun newspaper, he said: "It's a MINI Cooper for crying out loud, not a Ferrari."

The car's shiny paint makes it an obvious target for thieves, though the Association of British Insurers has advised the couple to seek specialist cover. It has warned, however, that they 'should expect to pay a considerable amount'.

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