Wednesday, January 5, 2011

I'm CEO, Bitch - Hacker Pays Homage to Zuckerberg on Kenya Police Website

In a rather unusual incident, a hacker today managed to deface the website of the Kenya Police and dedicated the attack to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg. normally contains information about and provided by Kenya's primary national law enforcement body. However, earlier today visitors of the site were greeted by a blank page reading "Got in and all i could think about was zuckerberg!!! This’ for you Mark!"

Furthermore, the title of the page read "I’m CEO, BITCh!," the slogan used by Mark Zuckerberg on his business card in Facebook's early days. According to Tech Crunch, Kenyan business reporter Larry Madowo, was the first to spot the hack and announce it via Twitter. There is no information about the hacker's motives for targeting the website, but he probably wasn't expected the incident to get much coverage in the media. That's because after several technology blogs and news websites published the story, he changed the page to read: "OK. Its not that big a deal! :P"

Website defacements are either used by hacktivists to make a political statement or by hackers to gain the respect and recognition from their peers. Sometimes these attacks can be claimed by an entire hacking crew. The Kenyan police website defacement only affected the home page, as the rest of the links indexed by Google remained accessible. However, a few hours ago the ASP site had been deleted and an Apache test page  wasbeing displayed when loading the URL. This page indicated that the Fedora Linux distribution is running on the server. The site was up and fully functional as Siasa Duni "went to press".

It seems this is not the first time that Kenyan law enforcement agencies are targeted by hackers. The site of the Administration Police, a separate interior ministry department, was defaced on two separate occasions just this year.


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