Friday, January 14, 2011

Is Jimw@t schizophrenic?

Word on the street is that talented Genge rapper Jimw@t may be suffering from a mental disorder. The musician, famed for the hit Unda 18 is reported to have suffered from schizophrenia while in Sweden last month, leading to cancellation of most of his shows in Sweden and Finland.

Our sources reveal that Jimw@t had landed big gigs in Finland and Sweden during the Jamhuri Day weekend but failed to perform in one as his condition worsened. According to the organisers, he was however able to stage a show in Helsinki but that was it. Our sources in Sweden indicate that he managed to recover briefly, but a second, more severe bout saw him hospitalised at the psychiatric department at Oulu  — a town in Sweden — for almost a week before returning back to Kenya. Early last year, Producer Clemo of Calif Records confirmed in the press that the musician was no longer part of Calif Records. “I want to inform you that Jimw@t is no longer part of us. His overindulgence in alcohol does not go down well with us,” he said.

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