Wednesday, January 12, 2011

The names of people who know something about the Wagalla Massacre

On February 10, 1984, Kenyan security forces murdered Kenyans of Somali origin in Wajir district.

There exist numerous accounts of the massacre, which took place at the Wagalla Airstrip, approximately 15 km away from the district capital of Wajir. Bethuel Kiplagat, disgraced former chairman of the Truth, Justice, and Reconciliation Commission, has been accused of involvement. Reports of the number of men from the minority Degodia clan detained by security forces and brought to the airstrip range from a low 381 to upward of ten thousand. The exact number of people killed in the massacre is unknown and estimates range from 57 (the official government toll) to more than five thousand.

The following people quietly checked into a meeting at the Wajir DC's office and signed the Visitor's Book the day before the Wagalla Massacre; in brackets are their positions at the time.

1. J.S Mathenge (PS, Internal Security)

2. Bethwell Kiplagat (PS, Foreign Affairs)

3. David Mwiraria (Home Affairs)

4.  John Gituma (Information)

5. Brig. J.R.Kibwana (Defence)

6. B.N. Macharia (Treasury)

7. Z.J. Kamencu (Deputy Secretary, OP)

8. J.P. Gatui (Police HQ)

9. J.K. Kaguthi (OP, Admin)

10. J.P. Mwangovya (OP, Nairobi)

11. C.M. Aswani (PPO, North Eastern)

12. Lt. Col. H.F.K Muhindi (CO)

13. J.K. Kinyanjui (Director of Land Adjudication)

14. Abraham Kiwure (KP&T, Nairobi)

15.Godfrey Okumu (Chief Aedromes Engineering)

What do they know?

Wagalla Massacre in pictures:

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