Tuesday, January 11, 2011

RED HOT: Kenya Drug Dossier - The names and a brief of what they did

Somebody told me the flower farms along Mombasa Road at Athi River are not flower farms at all, but poppy farms. The farms, which are located in lands that Gen. Mulinge grabbed, is the cause of diversion of the Kilimanjaro water project which was meant for Machakos. The employees of the farm hardly mix with anyone and are jelously guarded like nuns. The farms even have airstrips! I cannot confirm, but I've also heard that the owners are big Kahunas in Kenya. But we must realize once drugs are allowed to be the norm in a country, the future of that country is bleak and damned. I am currently reading the Drug Dossier, as fascinating as it is, and I can't believe my eyes! Will we have ANYONE to elect in 2012? Here are some highlights:

• Chief point man – Adamo
• Gideon Moi – Arms trafficking to DRC; his company Orbit Transporters, co-owned with William Kabogo,  used for drugs.
• Gideon Mung’aro – MP Malindi.
• Abubakhar Joho – Brother to Joho who hosts powerful politicians including Mary Wambui, second wife of president Kibaki.

• Debra Sanaipei Ntimama - Daughter of Minister of State for National Heritage & Culture. 

Mary Riziki – Owner, Makini Herbal Clinic, mother of Prezzo.
Prezzo – Popular Musician.
Andy – Israeli National working for Amiran Kenya (Horticulture farm).
William Wachira – Senior policeman with warehouse in Nakuru; son was arrested in 2009 for stealing car and narcotics from father.
Antony Chinedu AKA Tony Walz – remember Akinyi?
Gatiba Karanja – Former CID Chief.
Michael Munga aka SONKO  – Owner, Coco Beach.
Stanley Livondo.
Mohammed Doukoure.
Alan Herd – Manager, Kijepwa Airstrip, Mombasa Flying Club.
Muthie – a well connected Police Officer.
Humphrey Kariuki Ndegwa – At one time had Ksh. 2 billion deposited into his account.
Ali K. Pemba.
Harub Katri Ibrahim.
Moustafa Hakim.
Swaleh Kanderemi, Billy Maharandi and Swaleh Ahmed ( Former Joho campaigners all arrested ad convicted).
Din Barawa – received Ksh. 1m TO BRIBE magistrate
Alessandro Toniani.
Diana Koech – senior Flight Attendant Kenya Airways.
Ken Obina.
Mohammed Jaffer – Grain Bulk Handling at the Port.
Ashik Deshi.
Mohammed Muralli.
Rashid Sajaad – Former Nominated MP, KANU.
Kimathi – senior police officer.
Paul – Heroine supplier in PAKISTAN.
Kabogo’s mistresses, one lives in Thika, the other lives in Westlands.
Kamunyo -  Owner, Mwalimu Motors.
Langata Motors – owned by Ugandan Crime Syndicate.
680 Hotel.
Wines of the World.
Yatich – NSIS.
Joyce – A clothing Director.
Paul Kamau Mburu – Kabogo’s Brother.
Evans Kamau - Kabogo’s brother.
Kangethe – Kabogo's Brother.
Metro Cash and Carry – Drugs come in as Mumias Sugar.
Hinga – Policeman.
St. Teresa Catholic Church – operational ground.
Sahara Forwarders.
Four Winds.
Cover Africa – Canon Towers, Mombasa.
Mama Mercy – was used to distribute to street children who would resell.
Wamalwa Eugene – helped waive payment of import duty as a lawyer.

Ok; I know you are all shocked about St. Teresa's. The Catholic church is mentioned as a key operational area for the traffickers. The priests may or may not know, but the drug  ring operates around that area. Full quote on the church: "Muthie is a known narcotics trafficker and a possible partner of Kabogo. He trafficked drugs from Karachi, Pakistan, and sometimes BOMBAY, India... he distributed them in several housing developments and areas of Nairobi, including Eastleigh, Githurai Gachie,Westlands, Kangemi and Kwangware. He also sold Drugs at St.Teresa's Catholic church, aka St.Tresas in Mathare Estate, an area nicknamed Nigeria Estate..."

Sanaipei attended a drug traffickers meting in June 2008 at Havana Restaraunt and is identified as a courier.

• The Chief Point man for narcotic trafficking in Kenya is 'Adamo', says the USA Drug Dossier. Now is that a corrupted reference to Daniel Arap Moi?

• The Dossier is fully substantiated, complete with phone numbers and email addys, including supplier chain route.

So, what do you think?

To get the full 50 page PDF document, send an empty email to with the subject Drug Dossier PDF.

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