Friday, January 28, 2011

Uhuru's letter to National Cohesion and Integration Commission

The Chairman
National Cohesion and Integration Commission
Delta House 4th Floor, Waiyaki Way,
P.O BOX 7055-00100,


My attention has been drawn to the ongoing debate about the so-called Kikuyu, Kalenjin and Kamba alliance (KKK). I note with grave concern that the so-called KKK has been associated with myself and other leaders.

To the best of my understanding, the branding of certain leaders as KKK is divisive because it purports to bring together some communities to the exclusion of others. This is against national unity, integration and cohesion. Further, the KKK tag is against the spirit of the new Constitution that the country recently enacted. It is instructive to note that the current debate on the KKK tag is taking the same pattern reminiscent of the perceptions that fueled tribal animosity and tagging for political mobilisation in the run up to the 2007 election. This misinformation, actively propagated from certain quarters, has the potential of pitting other communities against the said communities illegitimately associated with the KKK and vice versa and must be stopped forthwith. The KKK tag is being used as a tool to deny certain leaders the right of association.

Mr Chairman, the continued referral to the KKK tag and further association of it with myself, despite my repeated public rejection of the idea of tribal alliances, can only be interpreted as a deliberate and sustained campaign to malign my name and good standing among Kenyans of all walks of life, ethnicity and creed. Further, it is designed to portray me as having an agenda that is tribalistic, exclusionary and against the principles of cohesion.

The irresponsible use of this tag by certain politicians, foreign diplomats and its perpetuation by the media is creating a fertile ground for retrogressive politics of ethnicity and tribalism and must be construed as hate speech. Additionally, the KKK tag is designed to deny me my constitutional right to associate with other leaders from all walks of life and all parts of the country. It is my constitutional right to associate with other Kenyans without tribal tags being pinned on me.

Mr Chairman, in respect of the foregoing and in the interest of public good and furtherance of your statutory mandate, I ask that you give guidance to the country to the effect that the continued use of the KKK tag is against national unity, cohesion and integration.

I also request you to declare that the KKK tag is being used to set communities against one another. I ask your commission to investigate those propagating the KKK tag and their intentions and, if found guilty, to prosecute them. We cannot afford to see our beloved country succumb to the dark forces of ethnic bigotry, impunity and hatred as it did in the last election. I deem it my personal responsibility as a nationalist, a citizen and a leader to play my role in ensuring that this does not happen.


Uhuru Kenyatta.

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