Friday, February 18, 2011

Kenyatta's son threatens to use "other means" to get his way

Kenya's most high-profile son of impunity

Uhuru Kenyatta was in a rage after Kenneth Marende's historic ruling last night. With fiesty rhetoric, blood-shot eyes and furious table-banging, Jomo's son opened his mouth and confirmed what we'd known all along: that he and his family have always pulled the strings in the Kibaki presidency.

Kibaki's contentious nominations was never about fixing Kenya's judiciary. It was about saving Kenyatta's son from international criminal justice at the Hague. Just as had been Kalonzo Musyoka's 31 Million Shilling cavorting circus with the likes of Gaddaffi, Museveni and Mugabe.

In his tirade, Uhuru also let out the real target of his hate: Raila Odinga, whom he now blames, as for everything else that does not go his way, for Marende's ruling. Uhuru, the country's most high-profile son of impunity, is headed to the International Criminal Court, we hear, for ordering the Mungiki to chop off the heads of Luos in Naivasha, and providing transport in the form of Brookside Dairy trucks for the job. Uhuru's threat to use "other means" to make sure the "executive is respected" sounds like a euphemism for making sure he doesn't end up in the Dutch city.

The threat is reminiscent of tactics used by his father to devastating effect whenever the older Kenyatta did not get his way. One cannot help but think that "other means" were used on J.M. Kariuki. And Pio Gama Pinto. And Thomas Joseph Mboya. But Jomo's son needs to realize that it is impossible to store new wine in old wine skins. The Americans have brought to a screeching halt the short-sighted attempt to "defer" Uhuru's trial at the Hague via the UN Security Council. Things have gone out of his control. Kenyans await the end of impunity.

The Hague stares at Kenyatta's son. Just like those chopped-off heads of innnocent flower farm workers, lined along the highway in Naivasha.

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