Saturday, July 14, 2012

Who is Raila Odinga?

They told me he is vindictive, unforgiving and will punish us for our past sins. Miguna says he is so forgiving that he even rewarded him with his job back after shouting like a mad man in the market, which he declined as the guilty always do when they are afraid.

They told me he is not human and is the cause of Kenya's problems. Miguna says he is not superhuman, and is totally incompetent; in fact he makes mistakes.

They told me he is a tyrant and a dictator. Miguna says he is so human that he even cries for the nation.

They told me he cannot run an economy and will close down all our businesses. Miguna says he is a shrewd businessman with vast businesses all over Africa and beyond.

They told me he is surrounded by close family members and that he never consults when making decisions. Miguna says he consults widely, in fact he is always on phone consulting.

They told me he is hungry for power. Miguna says he even allowed Kibaki grab power in 2008 as they were preparing to swear him in as the People's President.

They told me Uhuru and Ruto who outwitted the ODM team in the constitutional negations in Naivasha. Miguna says he actually ignored all the party organs when the negotiations were not going anywhere, and declared that ODM would support a presidential system and the House became silent as the noisemakers were shown real leadership.

They told me he is impatient and that is why he destroyed FORD Kenya and started party hopping. Miguna says he waited patiently and even negotiated with Kibaki behind the scenes.

They told me he is dangerous and destroys those who oppose him. Muguna is still alive and kicking, and has never declared that his life is in danger.

Now I understand who Kenya's real leader is, courtesy of Miguna's book, which has exemplified the leadership qualities we are all looking for in Kenya's next CEO.

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