Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Why I support MAJIMBO

An analysis of the Wako and Bomas Drafts reveal that the Majimbo system, which has long been at the heart of the ODM campaign, is covered in the 14th chapter of both. It is baffling, then, that during The Referendum, the banana group went round advocating for their document (but lost miserably) and are now turning around with statements that can only point to the fact that they did not even take time to read what they were telling Kenyans to vote for.

Here is why I think, and most objective Kenyans will agree, we need Majimbo: in 2003 the government's own records show that Coast province contributed a whoopping Kshs. 57 billion in revenue to the treasury, while Nairobi and Central contirbuted Kshs. 129 billion and Kshs. I billion respectively. Upon receipt of this money, however, the venerable gentlemen at the Treasury decided to distribute it in a very peculiar manner, with the province contibuting the least getting the highest allocation of the national cake. Now, if Majimbo was in place, then the allocation would be more equitable, as detailed in the Bomas Draft. Get my drift?

We will all be smiling from the other side of our faces if we don't do something about this current situation, where the winner takes all; if the presindent is from your region, then you get the lion's share in terms of development. This is why people like Mwiraria are scared stiff and now issuing statements in Meru claiming that Raila would ban Miraa if elected president, in full knowledge that his Meru tribesmen are tres passionate about their main cash crop. At the same rally, Matere Keriri warns Central Kenya to turn out 100% and vote and if not, they will be cursed for failing Kibaki.

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