Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Uhuru's Mungiki support confirmed

My friends, here at Siasa Duni we endeavour to tell it like it is, even though some people have been leaving comments to the effect that we are spreading rumours. I'll quote verbatim: "so? can you proove this?you are spreading rumors here like you say siasa duni=maisha mbaya." I guess the truth is starting to hurt some of our readers. But as we say, truth comes only to conquer those who have lost the art of receiving it as a friend. Here's an email I got from a very knowledgeable source, and please be careful in the next few days. Judge for yourselves...

Fellow Kenyans,

The much talked about Mungiki training and arming has been confirmed. Uhuru has donated Ksh.4 million and Karume and other leaders have paid for the training of Mungiki to attack Luos, Luhyas, muslims and Kalenjin communities. The plan is complete and its execution is soon.

From reliable sources, the plan is to retaliate the mayhem that was witnessed in the post-election violence where Kikuyu community was targeted by these tribes. It is said that the attacks will start slowly in Nairobi as mere criminal gang but will intensify with time. A number of Mungiki members have been provided by police uniforms and will knock doors at night. Areas mostly targeted are Mathare, Dandora, Umoja, Kayole, Embakasi, Dagoreti and Kibera. Police will be slow in response and ways have been crafted to show that police have been overwhelmed. In the streets mungiki members will be planted among police
officers with sole responsibility to kill anybody who is protesting.

Kenyans of goodwill are required to condemn this plan for genocide and please alert all Kenyans to be careful. This not just a propaganda it is real and police, leaders, and the public should not remain silent. All night travels should be reduced.

Concerned Citizen,

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