Friday, February 15, 2008

Battle of the legs: ODM vs PNU

Just like the stolen election and the hotly contested race for the Speaker of the 10th Parliament, it seems that in the race of the legs, PNU comes in a distant second.

Granted, both pics show a suggestive glimpse of "paré paré", but it is clear that ODM takes the lead in the "yellow-yellow" department. Moving swiftly onwards to the knee department, and as any blind man will tell you, Passaris is miles ahead of Karua, what with her scarred knees and all. One can only conjecture how a lady gets such on her knees. In the attire department, even though Esther looks resplendent in that pink suit, Martha is not looking too bad either. In fact that grey suit looks like a well tailored affair. In the looks department, I'll leave it to you to decide who among the two ladies looks more like an elbow than the other.

And sex appeal? Mmmmmhh....

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