Friday, February 1, 2008

Mungiki leaflet gives "date line" to vacate flats "or be burnt in it"

Residents of Jirongo flats in Ongata Rongai in the outskirts of Nairobi have recieved threats from Mungiki to abandon the flats by today or risk being burnt in them. According to a resident who contacted Siasa Duni, the badly-written flyers were distributed on the 30th of January. But residents are not fazed. They say they are not moving out and will defend their homes come what may. "We are still staying there and we have no plans to vacate," said my source. "In any case, Mutharura's flats are next door. So if they burn our flats, we burn Mutharura's flats. It's a fair game," he concluded. The source went on to confirm that police have assured them of protection. But knowing the Kenya Police, we should be ready for any eventuality. We'll keep you posted on this unfolding saga.

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Acolyte said...

Now more than ever we need Kenyans to dig in against these brutes!